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At epi-usa, we deliver a wide range of data center infrastructure services, enabling businesses to design, implement, optimize, test, operate, and maintain their mission-critical data center. Our data center training ensures that data centers meet and exceed business expectations. Reach out to us for training and certification.

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VILT Data Center Training Courses

Data Center Training

EPI offers accredited data center operations training courses worldwide designed to improve an organization's availability and manageability.

EPI Certification Data Center


EPI education offers a wide range of audit and certification services for the data center facilities, security and maintenance, and operational processes

Data Center Training Firm

Improvement Standards

EPI offers standards and standards-related services for data centers to improve data center designs, buildings, governance, operations, and maintenance.

REGISTER NOW! We are offering the epi-usa Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager (CDCP®) training course via VILT (with a live online instructor). This course is guaranteed with the best price for the top training course in the DC industry!

#1 Data Center Training and #1 TIA-942 Auditing in the world!
Contact our Certified Data Center Facilities Operation Manager for more information to register. or (cell) 831-840-4709

CDCP - Certified Data Center Progressional

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Data Center Training & Auditing

Whether you're looking for specialized IT training or data center auditing, epi-usa is at your service. Backed by 30 years of industry experience, our team of data center consultants has the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance your employee capabilities and support your bottom line.

VILT Data Center Training Courses


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About EPI and epi-usa

As a direct office of EPI Global, epi-usa offers data center training and TIA-942 auditing to clients throughout the United States and Canada. EPI is a member of many industry groups and standards committees. EPI, the company, offers clients trusted, up-to-date training, certification, and auditing based on the latest industry best practices.

When you choose either EPI or epi-usa, you work with a friendly, knowledgeable team helmed by industry experts. Sandra Levin and David Montalbano both oversee the American and Canadian markets. They boast a wealth of experience in both direct and indirect marketing with a track record of leading many organizations to become recognized brands in their respective markets.


Register for our data center design and build or hybrid data center courses today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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