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COVID-19 Highlights the Need for Expanded Data Center Training

The novel coronavirus is changing lives in multiple ways. With stay-at-home orders and a push to minimize travel, more people are staying in one place. As a result, individuals must change their routines and lifestyles.


What does this mean? Technology is expanding to adapt to people. The workforce, entertainment, and social interaction are moving towards a digital environment at an exponential rate. This means servers and data centers must also grow to meet this spike in demand.


Data center training is more important than ever. With more people connecting for the foreseeable future, the information technology sector must respond to change. This doesn’t just mean increasing server capacity or making more connections. A well-trained support crew is necessary so that digital infrastructures keep up with demand. Here are some ways that the pandemic is changing data centers.


Data Center Construction and Maintenance

More people will depend on cloud computing. The digital workspace is growing--meetings, daily operations, and collaborations will increase the load on servers, and this requires more data centers to keep up. In turn, more data centers will need to be constructed and set up. Moreover, servers require maintenance. Data center specialists will be necessary to oversee the various aspects of the facility, which includes safety and critical operations.


Given how COVID-19 spreads, data center workers will also need to revise safety standards and practices to minimize the risk of infection. This may require staff to take on several roles, stagger shifts, or other procedures. As such, technicians may wish to undergo additional data center training to diversify their skills.


Standards and Compliance

Businesses and organizations that haven’t used cloud computing before may suddenly be overwhelmed by the changes the pandemic has brought. As these entities make a push for a digital workplace, their network and infrastructure may not be prepared for them. Such issues include connectivity, capacity and bandwidth, and cybersecurity.


Organizations will need a dedicated IT team to update them on industry best practices. Learning about standards and compliance within the information technology sector will be important. As such, technicians may need to consider training in data center design, consulting, and auditing. Having such specialists within the organization can prove to be indispensable during this period of rapid transition.


Data center training must be ready to respond to the changes that COVID-19 has brought--now, and also in the near future. It is highly recommended for organizations to expand their technological literacy as society adapts to a different definition of normal.

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