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Data Center Design and Build Training On-Demand

Data Center Design and Build Experts

CDCP®  - Certified Data Center Professional

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The CDCP® Certification is a two–day course designed to expose participants to the data center's key components. It will address the setup and improvement of the key aspects in a center, such as power, air cooling, security, cabling, safety, fire suppression, etc. These factors ensure a highly-available data center and address critical operations and maintenance concerns.


CDCS®  - Certified Data Center Specialist

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The CDCS® Certification is a three-day advance level for training data center design/build professionals. The CDCS® course will cover engineering calculations on the various components in a data center facility. CDCS® will further increase attendees' competencies to a level of a compatible sparring partner with suppliers. They will be able to verify offers provided by vendors for correctness, effectiveness, and efficiency.

CDCS® is the second training in the EPI data center design and build phase under the EPI Data Centre Training Framework. Participants must hold a valid CDCP® certificate to be able to register for the CDCS® class. CDCS itself is a pre-requisite for persons wishing to achieve the CDCE® status.


CDCE®  - Certified Data Center Expert 

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Candidates with a desire to become a data center expert are recommended to take the CDCE®  course. CDCE® Certification prepares participants to manage a project covering scope, planning, design and implementation, and moving a mission-critical data center to the highest redundancy level.

CDCE® builds upon knowledge gained in CDCP® and CDCS® courses. Participants who pass the exam will join the industry's elite of data center design experts. Participants must possess a valid CDCS® certificate for admission to the CDCE® course.

CNCDP®   - Certified Network Cabling Design Professional

The CNCDP® course is lectured by an EPI Certified Instructor using a combination of lectures and question-and-answer sessions to discuss participants’ specific needs and challenges experienced in their own aa environments. Participants are able to tap into the extensive experience of the trainer, enabling them to validate and improve their own environments, thus adding tremendous business value.

Whether you are interested in data center training for a start-up business or want to consult on compliance or standards, contact epi-usa for data center infrastructure services.