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EPI Data Centre Training Framework

Data Center Operations Training Courses

Our data center operations training courses include the fundamentals for becoming certified data center experts.

CDFOS® - Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Specialist

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The CDFOS® 3-day course focuses on the requirements of running day-to-day operations at a mission-critical data center. It is fully aligned with the DCOS® (Data Center Operations Standard). Participants will gain all the required competencies for:

·         running daily operations
·         understanding which processes should be in place
·         executing critical elements of those processes

- Certified Data Center Facilities Operations Manager

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CDFOM® is a 3-day course focusing on data center facilities management. Whether in an end-user/enterprise environment or a data center facilities provider environment such as Co-Location and Cloud Providers, this course enhances skills and knowledge for more effective and efficient data center management. This course covers in-depth knowledge for managing data center operations, such as:

·         setting up a data center team
·         implementing key processes (i.e., capacity planning)
·         commissioning and de-commissioning equipment
·         security and safety processes
·         equipment life cycle planning
·         document management

- Certified Data Center Risk Professional

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Individuals with a desire to gain a deep understanding of data center risk assessment are recommended to take the CDRP® course. They can participate in risk management projects upon completing this course which focuses on:

·         the core process of managing risk in IT
·         data center environments (based on leading industry standards)
·         fundamentals of risk management
·         supporting processes

- Certified Data Center Migration Specialist

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CDMS is a 2-day course including a step-by-step methodology that will reduce the risks involved in data center migration. This course addresses a systematic approach ensuring a successful 'lift-and-shift' of an operating data center to a new location.

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