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EPI Education Courses Are Convenient and Accessible

It’s important to keep your employees’ skills sharp and up to date. The most effective way to accomplish that goal is by signing them up for EPI education courses. We offer a wide range of accredited courses that deliver in-depth skills training and current information that can easily be translated into the workplace.

You can easily fit training into your plans thanks to the broad and accessible training schedule we offer regularly. If you can’t come to us for training at one of the locations we have booked; our team is adaptable and we can come to you.

Our training covers all levels of data center infrastructure services so you can find exactly the type of training you are seeking to meet the particular needs of your staff. You can learn about governance and operations or standards and compliance from among the many courses we offer.

Contact us if you need any additional information about our schedule. We are proud to serve clients across the United States and Canada.


VILT (Live Virtual Instructor-Led-Training)


Location Course Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
VILT CDCP 8th 9th - - -
VILT CDCS - - 10th 11th 12th
VILT CDFOM - - 10th 11th 12th


Location Course Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
VILT CDCP 6th 7th - - -
VILT CDFOM - - 8th 9th 10th
VILT CDCP 13th 14th - - -
VILT CDCS - - 15th 16th 17th


Direct Call/Text: 831-840-4709

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Office 877-318-5344


CDCP 2 Days
CDCS 3 Days
CDCE 5 Days
CDFOM 3 Days
CDFOS 3 Days
CDMS 2 Days
CNCDP 2 Days
CITS 2 Days
CDRP 2 Days
CTDC 3 Days
CTIA 2 Days

Contact for pricing. On-Sites, groups available, anywhere, anytime, anyplace.


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