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Strategies Your IT Professionals Can Use to Boost Your Bottom Line

In today’s business environment, companies are increasingly spending less on new equipment while expecting their IT departments to optimize the performance and functionality of their existing systems. This context of steadily shrinking IT budgets creates a huge challenge for IT professionals. They need to ensure a productive, competitive operation with fewer financial resources. Here are three highly effective strategies that IT departments are implementing to increase companies’ overall profitability.


1. Update the IT Infrastructure

Having a high-performance efficient system begins with the data center infrastructure. Updated hardware will improve processing speeds and system reliability. Additionally, more and more companies are realizing the advantages of solid-state flash storage, which include less space, power, management, and greater predictability. And by configuring server racks in hot and cold aisles, IT departments enhance cooling efficiency for reduced power consumption.


2. Utilize Software Asset Management Solutions

Software asset management (SAM) tools give companies a clear idea of their application usage and spending practices. By tracking program usage across PCs, SAM tools show companies whether they are purchasing the appropriate number of software licenses. What’s more, SAM also identifies potentially dangerous software and obsolete applications for better overall system performance and security.


3. Reduce Capital Costs with Subscription IT Purchasing

Companies can reduce capital spending by purchasing certain IT aspects on a subscription basis, including such offerings as Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service. These options address software upgrades, patches, and version updates, and leave the central IT professionals more time to focus on other important tasks. Subscription services also save companies time on technology research and new hardware configurations, which speeds up the rate at which companies can roll out mission-critical IT upgrades.