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The Future of Data Centers and Information Management

The amount of stored data in the world is increasing exponentially. To keep pace with accelerating storage demands, data centers are facing unique challenges and are developing innovative strategies. EPI-USA is a data center training firm that stays ahead of the latest trends and developments in information technology. As part of our comprehensive services, we educate our clients on the direction that IT is heading so that they can stay ready for what’s next.


At the current rate, there will be around 125 zettabytes of data by the year 2025. Storing, managing, and computing that amount of information will require data centers to continue to grow their capabilities and efficiencies. To understand where we are and where we are going, we need to understand 5 key areas: location, structures, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and storage mechanisms.


Location - Currently, data centers tend to be located near fiber networks. In the future, companies will construct centers in cooler climates where it is more efficient to cool system components. Over the long term, we may see the proliferation of smaller, off-shore centers that can quickly add more capacity.


Structures - Today’s data centers rely on a mix of cloud and on-premises hardware for storage. These will develop into macro and micro centers that will each offer advantages, before data centers perhaps give way to P2P crowd-sourced networks.


Energy Efficiency - Data centers consume a lot of energy. Currently, centers use air cooling systems to regulate indoor temperatures. These systems will likely be replaced by new cooling materials with AI-assisted resources. Eventually, residual heat from data centers may be redirected into communities.


Renewable Energy - Now, data centers are plugged into the power grid, meaning they use both renewable and non-renewable energy sources. This will change, though, as big tech companies invest in more and more renewable energy. In the future, data centers will probably work together with renewable energy farms.


Storage Mechanism - The hard disk drive is presently the most used storage device. But as solid-state drives continue to drop in price, they will increasingly feature in data center structures. Storage sources currently in the research and development phase, such as liquid-state storage, will further increase capacity and reduce cost.