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Trends in Data Center Training

Data centers have a vitally important place as mainstays in the field of connectivity and information storage. As this field expands and benefits from new technologies, data center training has to keep pace. At EPI, we stay abreast of all of those trends and offer training to match.


We’re going to look at a few of the trends here so you can have an idea of what training you and your staff will need to maintain efficient service.


Virtualized servers are an exciting development that allows many users to share one server. Each user has private and secure access to their own partitioned-off portion of the server. Learning how to manage server virtualization for clients and expand it as needed is also at the forefront of training.


Hyperscale data centers are much larger facilities than enterprise centers as they are created to match the growing demand for more and more cloud computing resources. It’s going to take dedicated data center training to handle the demands of facilities with thousands and thousands of servers.


Learning how to adapt and manage a co-located data center is one aspect of training that you may want to consider, as this is becoming an option rather than having your own dedicated facility. It allows you to co-locate your servers within an existing center to save money while sharing resources.


When you’re dealing with a phenomenal number of servers, you are also going to be facing a prodigious amount of heat. This means that advances in cooling technologies have to keep pace. More efficient cooling methods, such as using liquid, not only ensure the servers operate efficiently, but it also saves money on cooling costs compared to air conditioning.


New measures such as these few that we’ve looked at can’t be implemented, of course, without the necessary data center training courses to back them up. At EPI, we are keeping up with the trends so that you can too.